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nopCommerce Postcode Shipping Plugin

This plugin has the possibility to setup postal codes which are not eligible for shipping from the store. Also, when the client registers in the store, the plugin checks postal code and verify if his postal code is eligible for shipping. If it is not, it displays a message informing the user, but without blocking the client to register (since he can buy and ship to a different address). Also the plugin calculates the shipping prices based on the customer postal code prefix.


nopCommerce Russian PDF Invoices

The application is a plugin for NopCommerce and it adds next features:
• Separation of users on “Legal entity” and “Physical person”
• Legal entity can add additional information on the registration page.
• Additional information in “PDF Invoice”
• The ability to create a PDF “Invoice of Sberbank of Russia”
• The ability to create a PDF “Сashless payments”
• The ability to create a PDF “Сonsignment note”
• The ability to create a PDF “Rusian invoices”


nopCommerce Search Solr plugin

Brings search quality to nopCommerce including faceted search by using Solr Search engine. Solr is the popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene


nopCommerce TerritoryCountry Affiliate(Dealer) plugin

The standard NopCommerce functionality is: Once a customer is assigned an affiliate ID, every order placed also tagged with that ID. The TerritoryCountry Affiliate (Dealer) plugin changes standard functionality and tagged every order with Affiliate ID which the system finds in the Affiliates table based on Shipping Address TerrytoryCountry info of a customer.

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