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Igor 2 years ago

Could you tell me if is possible to when you click on the gallery link to just have a page with the images with no categories/galleries.  I was hoping to just have a bunch of random pictures in one gallery with no other galleries at least at this point.  
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Support 2 years ago

We didn’t implement such option but you can edit public views(for example List.chtml, ListShadowBox.chtml, GalleriaList.cshtml, ListShadowbox.cshtml, VideoList.cshtml and etc)  of our plugin and remove @Html.Action("LeftSideMenu", "GalleryPublicInfo") and @Html.Action("CenterMenu", "GalleryPublicInfo") strings to implement your needs
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Jasmine one month ago


Is anybody using the latest plugin? If so we are in need of some high resolution graphics, we can't see the online images clearly enough. Also is there any plans to update to 4.0?


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